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Nail biting is a common habit that many people pick up in childhood and struggle to shake off into adulthood. But is it really that bad for you?

Why Do People Bite Their Nails?

Nail biting often starts in childhood, similar to thumb-sucking or finger-sucking. Babies naturally have rooting and sucking reflexes, which help them latch and breastfeed. Many infants begin sucking their thumbs in the womb. This behavior makes them feel secure and aids in sleeping, eventually transitioning into finger-sucking and nail biting as they grow older.

Children might bite their nails in response to stress, anxiety, or simply out of boredom. This habit typically begins in the toddler years and can persist into adolescence and adulthood if not addressed early.

Effects of Nail Biting on Teeth and Overall Health

While it might seem like a harmless habit, nail biting can negatively impact dental health and overall well-being:

Exposure to Bacteria: Biting your nails transfers bacteria from your fingers to your mouth, increasing the risk of infections and illnesses.

Effects of Teeth: The pressure exerted on the teeth and jaws from nail biting can cause teeth to move out of place, leading to malocclusion (misalignment) or dental wear. This may necessitate orthodontic treatment to correct.

Nail biting can indeed damage teeth and affect future dental development. It’s crucial to help your child break this habit before it causes long-term issues.

Need More Help with Nail Biting?

If you need further assistance with your child’s nail-biting habit, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our experienced team at pediatric dentist in Greater Noida is here to help your child develop healthy oral hygiene habits for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. We are your trusted pediatric dentist. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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